Wednesday, March 16, 2016

         The traditional dualistic concepts of mind and body are useful when describing human behavior. The concept of holism, however, rejects such dualistic concepts as mind/body separateness, and views human beings as single holistic systems. With eyes fully open to all that is within and around you, see how everything is interrelated.
         Within ourselves, minds and bodies are interrelated: mental and physical processes are inseparable. Within societies, all persons and their behaviors are interrelated. Within the universe, all phenomena are interrelated.
         Maturity brings new insight, and understandings of deeper meaning. You further refine your philosophy and worldview. Your impressions from the environment are integrated with your accumulated wisdom. Your actions are guided more by values, virtues, ethics, ideals, competencies, and awarenesses than by impulse. Your behavior becomes more congruent with your psyche.
         Integration of outer life experience with inner awareness is a key to self-transcendence and fulfillment.

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