Tuesday, July 7, 2015

         Yin and yang are not opposites: their colors are an unending flow of blendings. Soft, dark, and yielding coexists with hard, bright, and unyielding. Each quality or quantity is a matter of degree, and relative to another quality or quantity. There are no precise points, limits, or quantities. There are no universally accepted definitions of God, Tao, truth, or beauty; no absolutes in beliefs, values, virtues, or ethics; no absolute truth in these very words.
         We are all somewhere on a belief continuum. Your truth may be that God is a higher power ‘up there’ in heaven. My truth may be that the universe is deterministic, infinite, eternal, harmonious, and systematic. A casual observer views chaos as random, uncontrolled disorder. A scientist might view chaos as the orderly, predictable manifestation of natural, deterministic forces.
         May we respectfully agree on the intersubjectivity and relativity of it all.

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