Friday, February 12, 2016

              Collaboration is healthy and usually productive. But social and occupational relationships can be challenged by selfishness, external stress, disharmony in values, and difficulty in compromising. History’s greatest innovators were thinkers, artists, writers, and scientists who preferred to work independently or in relative isolation. (See also Collaboration.)
              The rewards of solitude are discovery of meanings and understandings—of yourself and of the world. Solitude permits you to explore the deepest depths of your creative mind. It is a state of real or imagined aloneness. It provides a setting conducive to the deepest, most rewarding reflection. Without distraction or interruption, you are free to explore your inner universe of thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
               In solitude, you will find quiet ways to grow. Alone and in silence, you will make profound associations of ideas leading to new awarenesses, truths, and insights. Perhaps solitude will accelerate your self-transcendence.

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