Sunday, November 8, 2015

              Stewardship is not simply a prestigious status, or the casual description of a function. It is the active sustainment (maintenance or preservation) of something which has deep importance, value, or meaning for you—an object, program, agenda, or domain. Your stewardship may be self-assumed, or mandated by higher authority. Your first responsibility—to maintain your personal safety and health—is an exercise of stewardship.
              Take ownership (not necessarily in a literal, legal sense) of a local, national, or international plan or program which has potential benefit to humankind. Learn everything you can about its purpose, vision, and goals. Become its active advocate and guardian—as a volunteer, worker, or administrator. Nurture, protect, maintain, sustain, and preserve it. Examples of such plans or programs are local, national, or international human or animal rights protection programs, child welfare advocacy programs, natural resource conservation programs, literacy tutoring programs which assist learning-disabled individuals or disadvantaged groups, and refugee resettlement programs.
              Stewardship is an opportunity for you to express your deeply held values, and steadfastly pursue your life goals.

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