Wednesday, December 23, 2015

              To encourage literally means ‘to provide with courage.’ As a motivational tool, encouragement can overcome hesitation, reluctance, fear, or self-doubt in others. It can reinforce their progress as they strive toward their aspirations. It expresses your sincere belief in their ability to successfully attain their goals. As an act of giving, it requires your generosity and unselfishness. But use it sparingly—it’s most effective when parsed, measured, restrained, and distributed fairly.
              Encourage others to recognize and let go of harmful and stressful influences. Encourage their good judgment, moderation, economy, and efficiency in their use of time, effort, and resources. Encourage them to develop an awareness of their character qualities of self-control, perseverance, fairness, tolerance, empathy, and compassion.
              Encouragement is your investment in human growth and development. It’s a subtle yet powerful validation that may inspire someone toward self-actualization.

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