Sunday, April 3, 2016

              Fantasy is creative visualization. It is your introspective vision of reality transformed; your idealized imagery of beauty, innovation, wishes, or hopes. You control the degree of reality within your conscious, intrapsychic flight of fantasy—unlike when dreaming.
              The moral guidance of fable and scripture is well-intended, useful, and based in fantasy and myth. Acceptance of fantasy-based belief and dogma declines as scientific evidence disproves it. ‘They told me they’d be eliminating my position soon,’ said God. Guess I’ll have to update my resume.’ ‘I hear you,’ said Santa. ‘I won’t be able to make my sleigh payments.’ The stork looked dejected. ‘Informed couples are onto me,’ he said. ‘My deliveries are at an all-time low.’ ‘I can’t compete with dentists and fluoride,’ said the Tooth Fairy. Mother Goose lamented, ‘We need to face reality. We can no longer survive on fantasy.’
              Religious texts promote the concept of life after death—a comforting fantasy, but mere anecdote lacking evidence. Perhaps the world’s great religions were first to exploit the mass appeal of sensationalist tabloid journalism.
              Your mind is multi-dimensional—it allows you to employ your unique interpretive power, life experience, and creativity in visualizing an intended mood, context, or subject. Fantasy helps fulfill your need for innovative expression. With boundless freedom, allow your imagination to illuminate concepts, recollections, ideas, impressions, and descriptors of magical, vivid possibility.
              Nudge your internal faculties, and freely imagine what could be. Today’s fantasy yearns to become tomorrow’s reality.