Saturday, March 19, 2016

               Are you merely a consumer, or are you a producer of new ideas? Do you often sit mindlessly before a video screen, absorbed in the vicarious adventure of an escapist game or film? Packaged entertainment demands processing of input, and will displace your creative processes. Let your imagination freely soar, with the least distraction possible, on unpredictable, enlightening, exciting flights.
              Your ideas are not strictly original—they are simply new associations of ideas, knowledge, and wisdom you have learned from others. Albert Einstein observed that to imagine is infinitely more valuable than to know.
              You cannot focus simultaneously on two thought processes, thus you cannot effectively multi-task. You have a choice: cope with a series of interruptions interrupted by a series of interruptions, or create a time and space in which you may relax with minimal sensory input. Clear your mind, and allow it to freely associate in its own way and time.
              The power of your imagination drives your quest for happiness. Permit yourself to daydream. Dwell in possibilities—your imagination will compensate you for what you are not. It will provide a vision of who you wish to be. It is through your imagination that you will achieve perception, a unique worldview, and hope.

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