Thursday, March 3, 2016

         Ask yourself if your actions are truly fair and objective, and if they result in the widest opportunity and greatest good for the most people. Fairness ensures equal treatment, equal opportunity for expression of opposing views, equal access to resources, services, and benefits, and equal pay for equal work.
          Opportunity to pursue happiness comes with stable, supportive human relationships, and equal access to adequate health services, education, water, food, clothing, and shelter. The prospect of gaining opportunity and freedom holds true excitement for those deprived of these gifts. For many, the greatest source of hope is the possibility of a more just, less violent world. Democratic systems offer the most opportunity for development and attainment of individual potential while protecting minority rights. (See also Human Development).
          You have the opportunity to self-actualize and self-transcend. Why not actively participate in a social environment which provides support, resources, and opportunity for the self-actualization of others? Advance and protect human and civil rights, equal opportunity, and social and economic justice, not specific, exclusive religious or political ideologies.
          Lead an ethical life of personal fulfillment while serving the greater good. Your attentiveness is an opportunity for others to voice their concerns, and to be heard and understood. Promote a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can exercise the human and civil rights necessary for their flourishing.
          Your sharing of resources, power, influence, and opportunity is humanity at its best.

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