Thursday, November 19, 2015

         Look deeply within yourself whenever possible. Explore your gifts of both reason and creativity. Free yourself to capture, embrace, and promote reality and the logic of evidence. Challenge cultural assumptions and expectations. Develop your own capacities for simple meditation and coping. Avoid substances which alter your consciousness and impair your perception of reality.
         Explore your ability to be moral and ethical without spirituality, mysticism, religion, or worship. Discover your compassion, and those quiet, effective actions which contribute both to your well-being and a better world. Without expectation of reward, expand the virtue, development of individual capacities, and social harmony of others. Promote stable relationships and bias-free societies which encourage the sharing of resources, opportunity, power, and influence, so that all people may grow toward their potential.
         On your enlightening journey through reality, you will acquire treasures that are uniquely yours: truth, inner consistency, and contentment.

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