Thursday, February 11, 2016

              Stability is an internal state—of an organism or relationship. A person or relationship may appear stable, but be in an unbalanced, static condition. As a living system, you continually avoid stress and seek stability. Stability is your ability to recover from disturbances, and to resist sudden change or compromise.
              Relational instability is a dynamic power struggle in which one party perceives another as abusive, exploitive, or aggressive. Stabilization is the process of ending or preventing conflict. Use care when attempting to restore balance in an unstable and unsustainable relationship.
              Good mental and physical health must be your highest priority. Overeating, alcohol and drug consumption, and lack of adequate physical exercise invite health issues. Invest in sound, preventive health behavior, impulse control, and perseverance. These will pay huge dividends in life—optimal social and occupational functioning, continual progress toward your long-term goals, and a sense of stability.

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