Wednesday, August 12, 2015

              You understand a statement, object, process, or concept when you are confidently aware of its meaning or function. Paradoxically, there is no perfect or ultimate understanding—only varying degrees of ambiguity, perception, and comprehension.
              Use your logical reasoning ability, evidence-based empirical knowledge, and personal insight to gain understanding. Periodically, re-examine it from a new perspective, with no bias or preconceptions, to refresh your understanding.
              Understanding is delayed or inhibited when events, conditions and circumstances are explained in supernatural or prophetic terms for which there is no objective evidence. Apply reason and science to the understanding of our universe and the solving of human problems. Understand the root causes of problems when evolving constructive solutions.
              Conflict arises from ignorance, intolerance and misunderstanding. Harmonious human relationships arise from wisdom, tolerance and understanding. Cultivate the arts of negotiation and compromise as a means of avoiding conflict, resolving differences, and achieving mutual understanding.
              Simple understanding is the basis of compassion and genuine empathy, which contribute to the greater good of humanity.

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