Thursday, December 24, 2015


    In a human sense, empowerment is the affording of basic opportunities to individuals, groups, organizations, or communities, enabling them to develop and sustain independence and to define and achieve their goals. Empowerment strengthens people to effect internal or external positive change, resulting in greater personal, interpersonal, socioeconomic, or political influence.

    Locally or globally, you can enable advancement of marginalized or historically disadvantaged individuals and groups. If possible, change unfair social policy through effective political action. Once people have realistic opportunities to achieve goals, you must prevent efforts which threaten or deny those opportunities.

    As a volunteer, teacher, mentor, or friend, you can develop self-confidence in people. Equip them with the skills and strength to cope with adversity, manage stress, use appropriate assertiveness, and more effectively communicate their needs. Cultivate their belief that they can attain their goals and potential.

    Express your deep humanity through unselfish support. Empower people to initially survive, and ultimately flourish.

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