Sunday, December 20, 2015

             Dream, and envision your ideal state: who you can be, and what you may achieve. From your vision, choose a lofty and challenging goal.
Examples of goals: I will find joy in living. I will be in control of my life. I will simplify my life. I will attain and maintain physical and mental health. I will maintain an adequate standard of living. I will adaptively manage stress. I will create works of excellence. I will reduce selfishness. I will be a comforting presence. I will heal myself, and heal others. I will transcend myself, and contribute to a better world. I will be fulfilled. I will attain my dreams.
             Pursue your goal with discipline and courage. Listen to your inner voice whispering, ‘I can.’ You must find ways to dismiss or overcome obstacles. You will encounter pessimism and caution from others. You must behave ethically and persevere. Whether you miss or hit your mark, you will have gained new perspective, self-awareness, and wisdom.
             When you reach your goal, reflect on your journey and what was learned. Then, visualize a new ideal state.

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