Saturday, March 26, 2016

          What is goodness? What things are good, and how do we know they are? What is the ‘highest good’? Does goodness require the producing of happiness for others as described in utilitarian moral theory? Can the moral goodness, character, and actions of people be a distinctive type of good? These questions and their myriad answers are obscure, and debated at length by philosophers, ethicists, and linguists.
          The concept of goodness is a social construct, defined and only fully understood within the culture using the concept. Thus, cultural biases inherent in the term ‘goodness’ limit its cross-cultural application.
          The simplest and most universal view is that goodness can be anything that contributes to human flourishing. Goodness therefore includes any virtues, values, ethics, ideals, and actions that contribute to human development and well-being.

          Promote human flourishing each day through your informed, effective actions. Express your goodness whenever and wherever possible.