Saturday, July 11, 2015

          Your breathing slows. It has been a strenuous climb up walls and chimneys of granite, far above the forest floor. There is no human being within one hundred kilometers. Under an April sky of deepest cobalt blue, snow lingers in deep crevices. Scanning the perfection of unbounded open wilderness, you marvel at the bright, harmonious spectacle. An occasional cloud shadow meanders across the valley floor, then up and beyond white-accented mountainsides. Pastel alluvial fans rise into distant gray ranges.
          Ancient winds own this isolated, privileged viewpoint. The majesty of our jewel of the cosmos is awe-inspiring. You contemplate the vastness and constancy of sky and earth. The vista seems limitless—infinite and eternal. Your awareness of space, freedom, and timelessness is profound.
          Mountains symbolize great adversity and priceless reward. They challenge us on quiet, arduous journeys of discovery and reflection. They slow us down, then re-energize, restore, illuminate, and clarify our inner nature. They are generous in their gifts of solitude, self-knowledge, and peace.

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