Friday, October 30, 2015

              You typically perceive changes in your environment, decide the best course of action, and act in your best interests. Wisdom is your trait of utilizing knowledge, experience, common sense, and insight to evaluate complex problems. Wisdom is profound understanding. It is needed when accomplishing prudent, sensible actions. A model of acquisition of wisdom is as follows:
              · Alertness and acute senses are needed to accurately perceive.
              · Accurate perception is needed for clear, unrestricted, and logical reasoning.
              · Clear, unrestricted and logical reasoning is needed for comprehension.
              · Comprehension is needed as the basis of knowledge.
              · Knowledge, experience, common sense, and insight are combined as wisdom.
              · Wisdom may be held without action, or used to guide action.
              Seeking and acquiring knowledge of all events, conditions and circumstances in the universe, including factors affecting the lives, thought, growth, and behavior of all living things, will contribute to your wisdom. Use your wisdom to enhance the personal and social functioning of others. See their wisdom as a priceless resource for your growth.

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